Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When I was little, I didn't need a nightlight and I loved going to bed. I would get my glass of water and trot off to my room. Then I would wake up in the night and have to use the bathroom every night like clock work. now most children would have just swung their feet onto the floor and followed the bathroom nightlight so graciously left on by their parents...I was not like most children. I would lay in the dark in my bed absolutely terrified of the snakes that were on my floor. I would eveuntaully have to pee so badly it hurt. Then and only then would I stand up on my bed, my legs tense and ready. I would slowly bounce up and down just a little and when I felt I was ready, I would launch myself off my bed flying towards the door. when my feet hit the floor, I was running to the bathroom. I would calmly go to the bathroom but when I made it back to my room the process would repeat itself. I would launch myself from my door to my bed and curl myself up to the wall. this fits with lord of the flies becuase the boys are scared of snake things too.

Friday, January 30, 2009


The technology I have used in this class has helped me in many ways. It allowed me to do my homework at home and in other classes as well. I greatly enjoyed the technology and learning how to use it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Censoring School Papers

As a member of the journalism class, I take pride in being someone who can bring information to my peers. Such was not the case with the students from Fairbault High School. These students caught the story of a teacher in their middle school being allegedly involved in inapproiate behavior with her students. The High School principal would not allow the students to run the story, fearing the teacher's reputation,along with her children's, would be tarnished and it would do harm especially if she was not guilty. these students were adamant in getting their story out and teamed up with the city paper after they proposed the idea of the city paper running their story. the principal could do nothing about the city paper and the students got their story out. The principal was unhappy but proud of the students for being so adamant.
I know if a story like that popped up in my school, I would also go to great lengths to get my story out.
Congratulations Echo Journalists!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

daggers truly are in men's smiles

Shakespeare states " There's daggers in men's smiles." I do believe it is safe to say "men" means society. I walk the halls every day of high school and I wonder to myself who is crying over the loss of a friend to a petty fight? Who is crying because they finally wore that new shirt and everyone laughed. I personally have played with my image a lot and I can guarantee that having pride in an outfit and having a friend look at you with pure disgust and say " you're wearing THAT?" can kill you. A friend can be the best thing in the world but they can cut into you like no one else can. A stranger can say something and yeah it makes you mad or hurts you but when a friend does it, it can ruin everything. I too have experienced the daggers, I too have had daggers in my own smile. Its a timeless statement that will forever fit in a high school setting. Its amazing how much hurt can be inflicted by just a look or how a simple dagger less smile can begin to mend a broken heart. Many people have hidden agendas that even those closest to them know nothing of. Like these "Santa slayings" in California. This man who was bitter from a divorce dressed up like Santa and shot an eight year old girl in the face. He had no history of
violence according to those who knew him. I'd say that’s a pretty big dagger to have.
Anyone who knows me knows I haven’t exactly had the perfect, most blessed life.
My father had a dagger hidden in everyone of his smiles. As long as I lived up to his ridiculous standards I was graced with his presence. He’s been gone from my life for a year and it took quite a while for me to stop waiting for him to come back. I had an uncle who woke up, showered, got dressed, ate, kissed his wife and son and left for work. He never made it there. He went to a set of woods he spent his teenage life in and shot himself in the head. People had seen him the night before, his wife had seen him that morning. His son had spoken to him on the phone that morning as he did every morning. And yet, he killed himself. Daggers are there for many reasons, it’s the ones you don’t see coming that kill you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gahhhhhhhh christmas is too hectic!